Garmin’s line of aviator watches has been around for a while, but none have been as sleek, stylish and sophisticated as the new D2 Air.

Built for the modern pilot, the D2 Air is packed with tools to help with all phases of flight. A bright AMOLED display gives you access to METAR & TAF weather reports, nearby airport information, flight logging and Garmin’s Pulse Ox oximeter. These are just some of the features available in the light, slimline new watch.

The D2 Air can be pre-loaded with a worldwide navigation database containing NAVAIDs and Intersections, a waypoint info page, direct-to navigation, a three-axis compass with a Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) and an altimeter with adjustable barometric settings.

Utilising Garmin Pilot flight plan transfer, the D2 Air can receive flight plans for easy access right there on your wrist. Speed, time, distance, elevation and fuel timing alerts are also available during flight, with up to 5 days’ battery life to ensure you’re never caught out.

All the handy features of a typical smartwatch are also included. Receive smart notifications for incoming calls, texts and calendar reminders, and download music from Spotify, Deezer or Amazon Music to enjoy offline without your phone and pay without hassle with Garmin Pay.
Garmin D2 Air: AUD $799.00


For anyone that’s gone through a build or upgraded their dash, the pain of unlabelled wires is all too real. To counter this pain, you may have tried using a label maker, but traditional-style labels often lose their stick and can be hard to apply seamlessly to a small wire.

If this is you, the Dymo Rhino 4200 Industrial Label Maker will make a world of difference. Designed specifically for the electrical and datacom industries, the Dymo Rhino 4200 has the ability to print onto heat shrink tubing, which can then be fitted over your wire and shrunk tightly into place using a heat gun, soldering iron or even a candle! Gone are the days of fumbling around, trying to stick labels on tiny wires or coming back to a project later and finding they’ve curled up and fallen off thanks to heat, moisture or UV light.

The Dymo Rhino 4200 has a full QWERTY keyboard and a large, back-lit display making it simple to create and print labels in no time. It also has the ability to save ‘favourites’, letting you quickly jump to the format or symbol you need each time you turn it on.
Dymo Rhino 4200 Industrial Label Maker: AU$134


When flying is convenient, you will fly more. That’s the idea that drives the team at Best Tugs, makers of high-quality aircraft tugs out of Utah, USA. The Alpha A2, the latest addition to the Best Tugs product line, is yet another example of this motto in action.

A classic dragger-style tug, the A2 is capable of moving planes up to 2600lbs (1180kg) thanks to its industrial strength hardware and state-of-the-art software. It’s easy to use, you shouldn’t mistake that for simplicity; the Alpha A2 is jam-packed full of revolutionary technology designed to save both your plane and your back.

The Alpha A2’s auto throttle technology allows the tug to make up to 30 adjustments a second, ensuring a constant speed, even on slopes and uneven surfaces. Auto brakes engage as soon as the throttle is released, guaranteeing your plane remains in place. Pulse width modulation allows the A2 to provide full torque and power even at the slowest pace, while the on-board computer is optimized for your specific plane, maximising maneuverability and minimising damage.

The Alpha A2 will make you see your hangar differently, giving you the ability to tuck your plane away in the tightest corners and free up considerable space.


Have you ever wanted a taste of the high life without the exorbitant price tag of flying First Class? Well, you’re in luck! For the first time ever, Qantas is offering up a curated selection of luxury items usually reserved for First Class passengers. Magnificent wines and comfortable pyjamas are just some of the items offered in the bundle, allowing you to relax and indulge like the high-flyer you truly are – not to mention the endless bragging rights that come with owning these exclusive items! Perfect for high-flyers, luxury lovers and Qantas enthusiasts, the First Class Pack includes a bottle of red & white wine from the Qantas First Class range, two sets of Qantas First pyjamas & slippers and two Qantas First amenity kits. Oh, and don’t forget the packet of delicious First Class smoked almonds too!
First Class Experience at Home Pack: AU$279.00


Qantas has played an enormous role in our country’s history, so to mark the 100-year anniversary of the iconic ‘Flying Kangaroo’, the Australian flag carrier has released a fantastic collection of eleven $1 coins in partnership with the Royal Australian Mint. Each coin in the collection, presented in display cards, tells the story of a significant moment in Qantas’ history. From the Avro 504 to the Airbus A380, the collection depicts some of the airline’s most iconic aircraft, people and symbols of the century. Also included in the collection is a special copper coloured $1 coin honouring the origins of Qantas’ Flying Kangaroo symbol, which was inspired by the original Australian Penny. The collection is housed in a beautifully finished box, a perfect gift for history buffs, coin collectors and aviation enthusiasts.
Centenary 11 Piece $1 Coin Collection:


Summer is here and while the clear, sunny days are perfect for flying, they can also be hard on the eyes. Full window tinting can be expensive, but fortunately the team at Plane Tint have developed a cost-effective solution.

Handmade in the USA, the Plane Tint Universal Tint Panel is a simple, slimline panel designed to fit to the windows or canopies of just about any aircraft you can think of. Easy to apply, remove and store away, the panel provides up to 99% UVA and UVB protection, offering great visibility while protecting you from heat, glare and sunburn.

Available in three sizes, the Universal Tint Panels use micro-suction cup technology that ensures a strong seal on any shaped surface. Suction cups also ensure that no adhesive or residue is left on the surface when removing the panel, leaving your windows free of annoying, sticky marks.

If you’re planning on getting up in the air this summer, the Universal Tint Panel from Plane Tint will help block out the harsh Aussie sun while maintaining the incredible view of the world around you.
Universal Tint Panel: USD $29.99