SportPilot Magazine is produced and delivered three times each year to one of the largest groups of active aviation enthusiasts in Australia. SportPilot is delivered to the mailboxes of every RAAus member, as well as affiliated flight schools and aero clubs. Our readership base is over 45,000 strong, consisting of individuals with a wide range of aviation-related interests.

We distribute 15,000 printed copies to RAAus members and through retail – and we’re looking to keep growing. From state-of-the-art factory-built light aircraft to homebuilt ultralights, weight-shift trikes and powered parachutes, SportPilot covers it all. Each printed edition is also delivered digitally, with 20,000+ digital copies delivered. We also produce and distribute a lot of other digital material in-between printed editions, such as additional “digital only” stories, social media content and Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing. We believe this mix of digital and print is right for today‚Äôs market.

Classifieds Section

If you wish to list your plane for sale in the magazine, please go over to Aviation Classifieds and register your plane with all of the relevant information.

Each edition, we take a list of all current listings through this site and include them in the classifieds section of SportPilot Magazine.

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