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A household name in aviation, Austrian company Rotax is celebrating their 100th birthday with the release of the limited edition 915is Redhead engine. This 4-cylinder, 4-stroke engine features a turbocharger with stainless steel exhaust, an air intake system with intercooler and redundant electronic fuel injection and ignition. The engine boasts a whopping 141hp, full take-off power up to 15,000 ft and a service ceiling of 23,000ft, giving the 915is the best power-toweight ratio in its class. Did we mention it looks incredible? The limited edition design features red covers and a special 100-year anniversary logo stamped on the air intake. The Rotax 915IS limited edition also comes with 2x 100hr service kits, 1x 200hr service kit, an additional extended warranty for 3 years or up to TBO and a voucher for the 100 year Rotax Merchandise Collection.


The newest addition to Dynon’s popular Pocket Panel series, the D3 is a lightweight, portable attitude indicator designed as an easy-to-use replacement for traditional steam gauges that become unreliable over the years.

Dynon have worked to upgrade the display on the D3, improving both the touchscreen capabilities and the brightness of the screen to allow for better readability. GPS flight data provides accurate ground speed, altitude and vertical speed, while a second page displays a G-Meter that records minimum and maximum g-forces.

The D3 comes with two different mounting options, both requiring no tools to install. A RAM® suction cup mount offers a simple option for those without panel space, while the 3-1/8” pinch mount allows for easy installation of the D3 into any empty panel holes, without the need for fasteners.



A crowd favourite for years, the Zulu series headsets by Lightspeed have always been comfortable, durable and dependable, but none more so than the Zulu 3. The newest headset in the family, the Zulu 3 stacks up well in the headset market with a range of new and improved features.

The Zulu 3 is lighter and more durable than its predecessor. Its design maximises comfort with tapered ear seals and large cup cavities, delivering a strong seal, even while wearing glasses. Made primarily from stainless steel, magnesium and Kevlar, the headset is built to last.

Technically speaking, the Zulu 3 features all of Lightspeed’s best technologies, including active noise reduction, a Dual Aperture Disc microphone and an auto shutoff that saves battery life when not in use. In addition, the Zulu 3 comes with ComPriority technology that automatically reduces the volume of any auxiliary sound devices during radio and intercom transmissions. The Zulu 3 is also compatible with Lightspeed’s FlightLink app which enables pilots to capture all incoming and outgoing transmissions easily on their iPhone/iPad.



After more than a decade, Microsoft have just announced a new entry in the Microsoft Flight Simulator series, scheduled for release worldwide on August 18, 2020.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is the most ambitious, most detailed and most realistic outing yet, with huge improvements in graphics, physics and all-round realism in comparison to its predecessor, the 2006 Flight Simulator X.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will simulate the entirety of planet Earth by using textures and topographical data from Bing Maps. More than 40,000 real-world airports are available to take off and land on, with 30 international airports hand-built by developers Asobo Studio.

20 incredibly detailed aircraft will be available to fly at launch, from amphibious light aircraft like the Icon A5 to massive wide-body airliners like the Boeing 747-8.

With the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 keeping us indoors for the moment, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will be welcomed warmly by many pilots looking to get back in the skies.

$99.95 Pre-Order.


The latest update to the OzRunways EFB has launched, with some awesome new features, as it continues to prove itself as a top competitor in the Electronic Flight Bag market.

One of the most prominent features of v8.0 is a new quick planner which allows for live search of waypoints using name or code. Multiple waypoints can be added to create a complete plan, which is then calculated for estimates on distance, time and fuel, all based on the aircraft selected. Plans can also be saved to a list for quick access to commonly flown routes.

Also included in the new version is a new flight plan detail screen that lists waypoints and shows live statistics (including ETA) and sequencing for waypoints, a map showing closest POIs, a detailed POI search engine and the ability to draw on airfield charts (iOS 12+ only).

Add to this a whole bunch of general bug fixes and usability updates and it’s easy to see why OzRunways is becoming more and more popular among recreational pilots.

From $99p.a.


Flight Outfitters are known for their practical yet stylish products, none more so than this Bush Pilot Folio Bag.

A spacious and durable bag, the Bush Pilot Folio has separate pockets for laptops/tablets, radios, fuel testers and stationery, plus a large general compartment for all your other equipment such as headsets, survival gear and more.

A hardy leather and canvas exterior ensure this bag will handle anything, while the signature orange felt interior makes it easy to find your gear at a glance or in a darkened space.

$165 USD


The Suunto Core has been a favourite of adventurers and military personnel for years. It is is a perfect choice for pilots looking for a watch with aviation capabilities.

The Suunto Core is a comfortable, hardy watch that includes an altimeter, barometer, compass and weather functions making it an ideal companion for any pilot both while flying and on the ground. With water resistance up to 30m, a battery life of 12 months and an electro-luminescent backlight, the Suunto is equipped to handle any adventure or survival situation.