Pilot Profiles

Thank You Eugene Reid

I first joined the board almost a decade ago and Eugene Reid was there as he had been for many years, indeed decades, beforehand. He is an aviator with considerable experience both in the organisation and in the air, someone that can be trusted to offer his opinion when and where he believes it is warranted.

During my time with him on the board, I have learned that Eugene is an individual thinker, someone who is ok with making his own mind up and bucking the trend if he feels it necessary. In many board meetings, Eugene has been happy to remain quiet and not take a leading role on a range of topics. In my experience though, when he speaks, he adds immense value with his considered thoughts.

As a long serving board member and a stalwart of our organisation, I would like to pass on my personal thanks to Eugene for his contributions to RAAus. Our board and staff have all greatly appreciated your presence over the years, and your voice is one that will be missed in the offices where the magic happens. That being said, we are positive that your voice will be heard in and around aero clubs and airfields across the country, where the magic truly happens.

Thank you for the contributions, input and time that you have put into RAAus over the years. Your mark has undoubtedly been made on this organisation.