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On January 26-30, 2021, experts from every corner of the homebuilt aircraft community will bring their knowledge and information to builders everywhere through free and interactive webinars, all thanks to EAA’s Homebuilders Week!

Live presentations will be hosted on EAA’s webinar platform, which can be easily attended with any compatible computer or smart device. Sessions include Construction Basics, Design Selection, Avionics Options, Flying your Homebuilt and much more.

Registration for webinars are required and spaces are limited. Head to to register.


Husband, father of four, airman, racer, engineer, fabricator…and he’s designed some of the most amazing aircraft we’ve ever seen. If you ever heard of a red STOL aircraft in the US called ‘Draco’, you might have heard the designer/builder/owner Mike Patey had an accident last year. The bad news is Draco is now resting in piece. The good news is Mike is now mid-build of Scrappy, a 13 litre 780ci STOL tail dragger, which is his old plane Draco….on steroids.

Mike actively logs his progress, design thoughts, testing and his flight trips – His vlogs are amazing, interesting and award-winning. This year, Mike has been talking through the design, engineering, fabrication and testing of an incredible Garmin digital display, plus he’s more recently fired up the engine for the first time (and Mike doesn’t hold back, this engine is more like a roar than a purr).

Mike talks through carbon fibre and materials, design and engineering feats, challenges, issues and why he makes certain decisions. Plus, he’s an honest dude – when he mucks up, he talks through it and reassesses, and he’s big on online Q & A with his followers around the globe. If you’ve ever seen the ‘Best Tugs’ logo lying around on a dragger-styled plane tug, you’re already familiar with Mike’s work. The UTAH man is a big deal on the US and international plane scene and his social channels are creating a buzz. Nothing is too much for Mike, it’s about learning, pushing boundaries and having the best. To get a quick feel on what Mike’s like: He’s the kind of guy that pulls his turbo prop taildragger up to an open hanger, swings the rear around and reverses into the hanger in one clean sweep… a bit of a cowboy, but he’s all about having fun and learning. Follow Mike’s progress on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram