Life Membership Recipient

Max Brown joined RAAus in 2003 and since then has demonstrated consistent, unwavering dedication to the organisation. Max’s Life Membership recognises his immense contribution across a range of efforts including auditing aircraft files, digitalising files, improving database records and providing feedback on documents. RAAus Head of Airworthiness and Maintenance, Jared Smith, conservatively estimates that Max has volunteered over 2,500 hours of his time. Max’s involvement in RAAus began when he was challenged at an AGM to amend the RAAus Constitution with his late friend Ken McCloskey. From there, he and other members helped review aircraft files following a critical CASA audit. Max has also spent a lot of his time working with Jared on various projects over the years including weight/balance, improving courses and exams and communicating complex issues to aircraft owners. As he worked on the aircraft database, Max realised it was not as efficient as it could have been so he worked hard to overhaul it.

Max’s aviation journey started in 1965 when a colleague introduced him to the Canberra Aero Club. Max obtained his RPL, however stopped flying years later due to concerns of high blood pressure. He eventually took an interest in ultralights when he and his mates ventured to a fly-in at Polo Flat in Cooma. Max discovered that if you could drive a motor vehicle, you could fly an ultralight. After retiring in 1996, Max earned his RPC at Holbrook Flying Club then purchased a Micro Aviation Bantam with Ken, kickstarting his ultralight flying career. He is now the President of the Australian Ultralight Aircraft Museum at Holbrook Ultralight Club.

Max is very modest; however, his work has been outstanding and Life Membership is well deserved. “It’s a great honour. When Matt (RAAus CEO) mentioned the award of life membership, I was just gobsmacked,” said Max. “I didn’t think anything that I’d done was that outstanding; I was just doing what I enjoyed.”

Speaking highly of his experience, Max loves how accessible RAAus is. “I think with what RAAus has achieved, I give them full marks. It’s a cheap and enjoyable way to fly. There’s a great group of people in the organisation and I can understand why people come across here from general aviation, because of things like cost and the ability to do some of your own maintenance.” Now, Max is looking forward to helping the Holbrook Easter Fly-In back off the ground and catching up with flying friends. Max’s enthusiasm and dedication to recreational aviation is unwavering. Congratulations to Max on an extremely well-deserved Life Membership!