When it comes to headsets, it’s important to own a good quality and reliable pair that will allow you to hear important communication over any other noises and distractions you may encounter while flying. We’ve reviewed the most popular headsets on the market from Bose, Lightspeed and David Clark to take the guesswork out of purchasing your next pair.


With a lightweight construction, the Bose A20 headset sits comfortably, making it ideal for long flights. It also features excellent active noise reduction, significantly quietening even the loudest of engines. The built-in Bluetooth and audio prioritisation are equally great, allowing you to listen to phone calls and music then muting everything except air traffic when a radio call is received. Bose’s customer service is also highly regarded and they have been great with quickly replacing damaged headsets that are covered under warranty. These are a significant investment but when it comes to headsets, you get what you pay for and the Bose A20s are worth every cent.

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The Zulu 3 by Lightspeed is extremely comfortable, a notion that is widely resounded across the aviation community. With larger earpads than competitors, the Zulu 3 sits comfortably during flight. The headset is also very well produced, featuring an all-metal construction with magnesium cups and sliders, a stainless-steel headband, and a Kevlar reinforced cable. Like the A20 and One-X, the Zulu 3 also feature Bluetooth connectivity, audio prioritisation and auto shut-off. Lightspeed is another great brand that looks after its customers and the Zulu 3 comes with a 7-year warranty, as opposed to the 5 years offered by Bose and David Clark.

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Coming in slightly cheaper than its Bose and Lightspeed competitors, the David Clark DC One-X is a reliable and comfortable option. While not as quiet as the Bose A20, they keep in line with the classic David Clark look and still feature all of the options we expect to see in high end headsets today, including Bluetooth connectivity. With leatherette ear seals and a vented heat pad, this set is also very comfortable. David Clark is well-known as a quality manufacturer and the One-X does not disappoint; they are sturdy and durable while being extremely comfortable to wear. David Clark also provides top notch customer service and has been known to remedy any rare issues rather quickly. If you’re after something a bit more affordable, be sure to check out the David Clark H-10.13.4, a great cost-effective option.

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If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, the David Clark H10-13.4 is one of the best-selling aviation headsets on the market for a reason. Known for their reliability and durability, the H10-13.4 keeps in line with the classic look and comfortability offered by the DC One-X. While this model may not have all the fancy bells and whistles offered by more expensive models, such as Bluetooth connectivity and ANR, the H10-13.4 is still an extremely solid headset that will not disappoint. These headsets have been known to last for years and are backed by David Clark’s reputation of quality.

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