End Of Aircraft Registration Cards

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, RAAus advised via E-News that aircraft registration cards were to cease production, as staff were working remotely and unable to produce the cards. In the following years, RAAus has reviewed the aircraft registration card issuing system and has identified improved alternatives to the issue of a registration card moving forward, saving resources and valuable member funds.

During 2010, RAAus issued a bulletin to make the fitment of a registration card to the aircraft mandatory, with the purpose making it easier to identify that an aircraft is registered and when that registration period expires. A major modernisation project commenced in 2015 to undertake a digital transformation of our systems. This major project has now been completed, and we continue to build on this platform. Today, RAAus provides four reminders via email and text message regarding the expiration of aircraft registration. Additionally, a registration certificate is supplied through email to the aircraft’s nominated registrant.

Furthermore, any member is able to log in to the portal (either online or via the RAAus app) and enter an aircraft registration number to retrieve information on its currency. A strict privacy policy is adhered to, with make, model, serial number and registration expiry the only information made available. No personal details are supplied through this service.

Another alternative to the issue of a registration card is the use of the “Hours and Maintenance Record” (HAM) which incorporates the information supplied on the registration card, whilst also enabling the aircraft owner to record pertinent maintenance information such as the annual inspection, scheduled maintenance, service bulletins, daily inspections, record flight hours, record landings and monitor the addition of oil.

It’s not mandatory to use the HAM, however it is a requirement to record aircraft hours and landings, keep track of vital maintenance intervals and monitor scheduled maintenance requirements. The HAM is a valuable tool to assist aircraft owners with these requirements. However, if what you are already doing is meeting these requirements, you may continue with your current method.

The HAM was introduced after random audits of RAAus-registered aircraft maintenance logbooks found a high level of non-compliance regarding the recording of aircraft maintenance activities. It is a requirement that RAAus-registered aircraft are maintained in accordance with manufacturer requirements and all maintenance that is carried out is recorded in an aircraft maintenance logbook. The HAM will assist aircraft owners in recording their hours and landings, and identify when maintenance is due to be carried out. It’s important to remember though that the HAM does not replace the need for an aircraft maintenance logbook.

The benefits of using the HAM are better record keeping and monitoring the expiration date of your aircraft registration. Therefore, the HAM has replaced the need for an annual aircraft registration card. RAAus members enjoy the best conditions of any self-administering aviation organisation in the world. By standardising the way operational and maintenance activities are recorded and tracked, RAAus can maintain its suite of privileges and lobby to increase them.

The HAM is available in the ‘My Aircraft’ section of the members portal found under ‘manage my membership’ and you can print as many copies as required. Your aircraft make, model, registration and registration expiry will be prefilled when using the download HAM link seen here.