We probably aren’t alone when we say that keeping a logbook up to date can be a cumbersome task – keeping track of records and losing old paper trails can quickly turn the joy of flying into an administrative nightmare if not managed well.

Reports from RAAus suggest that aircraft record keeping is one of the highest risk factors facing the private aviation industry today, yet is often the most neglected and overlooked part of flying.

Paul Strike of Flight Safety Solutions said many aircraft owners and surprisingly even some aircraft maintainers are not aware of the full range of maintenance that is required, making it a complex process to navigate.

“Our team have audited aircraft that have no records whatsoever. Others, whilst diligently recorded, often lack crucial information required to maintain an aircraft,” he said.

Whilst maintenance and recordkeeping can be a daunting task to begin with, ultimately it is always the owner’s responsibility to ensure that aircraft records are up to date and the aircraft is compliant with safety standards.

That’s why Flight Safety Solutions has developed an industry-changing Aircraft Records System called BreezyLog, making it so simple and affordable to keep your aircraft safe, reliable and compliant.

BreezyLog is a cloud-based system that shows you everything you need know about aircraft maintenance and providing data for everything from RAAus Airworthiness Notices to Propeller Service Bulletins and Informational Advisories.

The fully interactive system meets all CASA requirements and has been accepted by RAAus as a replacement for paper logbooks, making it so easy for your aircraft to comply and as a result making our skies safer.

It provides real-time, comprehensive aircraft record keeping, maintenance forecasting and tracking, component log system and flight data entry program all in one convenient hub.

The technology enables operators to control, input, record and search everything from flight times, fuel and oil uplifts, through to Airworthiness Directives, component history and engine changes.

“BreezyLog allows owners and maintainers to have full access to real time maintenance planning to automatically update their maintenance schedules,” said Mr Strike.

The system is adaptable for any aircraft and many GA and RAAus aircraft types are already enjoying the simplicity and freedom of an automatic and comprehensive aircraft records system.

BreezyLog is free to try and is available to LAMEs and L2s free of charge.