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Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) welcomes Matt Bouttell (Right) as the incoming CEO, starting early in the New Year. Matt brings a wealth of aviation knowledge gained through 30-years of working in a varied, aviation focused career. He has a reputation for being an easy-going and approachable leader with a proven ability to work across the myriad of stakeholders in our industry.

Matt started his aviation career in the early 90’s as an apprentice aircraft maintenance engineer working on large jets before moving into airline flight operations. At the same time, Matt worked towards gaining his private pilot license which he helped to fund by working for his local flying school conducting maintenance on their aircraft fleet. Progressing into more senior roles Matt‘s career focused on Air Traffic Management both locally and internationally as well as Corporate Affairs before gaining valuable experience working for the regulator where he Chaired many of the RAPACs across the country and was also the Secretariat for the Aviation Safety Advisory Panel. Matt has been a member of RAAus for almost 10 years, flying a family members’ Jabiru around the NSW Snowy Mountains. He is part owner in a 1977 Grumman Tiger and flies regularly out of Canberra. Matt says ‘I’m very much looking forward to leading RAAus in a Post-COVID world to further shape the aviation landscape in Australia. I’m incredibly humbled that the Chair and Board have afforded me the opportunity to lead the small but highly dedicated team at RAAus. And I truly hope that with the border restrictions easing that I’ll be able to start the new year by engaging with our members as regularly as possible.’

Michael Monck, Chair of the RAAus Board added, “With Matt coming on board to guide our team we will be well positioned to lead RAAus into some great new opportunities. We’ve tackled a great deal of challenges in years gone by and with Matt bringing in a wealth of experience across the business, flying and maintenance aspects of our sector we couldn’t be handing over the reins to a better qualified person.”


Well done to all those bright sparks who spotted last edition’s mystery engine twist. It was in fact a RC engine representing the Continental R-670 in a R/C Stearman PT-17 and the first person to spot this was
Paul Saccani

This edition we’ve found you a doozy.
Think you know? Drop us a line at First correct entry wins the glory of having their name in edition 99!


German gyrocopter manufacturers AutoGyro have unveiled their latest model to the world, hoping to fill the space in their product line for an easily accessible, entrylevel gyrocopter. The new MTOclassic is based on the 2010 model of the perennially popular MTOsport series, aimed at giving those new to flying gyros a costeffective option for owning their own machine. The MTOclassic features a tandem seat, dual-control open cockpit and is powered by a Rotax 912 ULS or optional Rotax 914T. “We were getting feedback that people wanted a more rugged, entry-level machine.” says Neil Farr of AutoGyro Australia about the stripped down, no-nonsense new gyro. More suited to the unpaved runways that dot this country than its higher-end siblings, the MTOclassic is sure to grab the attention of rural pilots, farmers and those just looking for an affordable option. “I think especially here in Australia it will have a good following”. With the first aircraft set to hit Australian shores by the first half of 2021, it will be interesting to see how Aussie pilots react to what is essentially the revival of a much-loved old favourite.


WestFly 2020 was held over two days on September 18th and 19th. It was blue skies and calm weather in the days leading up to the event, but unfortunately Saturday came with strong winds and a small amount of rain. Those that decided to make the trip out still had a fantastic time, with warbirds, a 737 and the WA Police Air Wing all on display. A very successful failure!


RAAus will be announcing a national marketing and media campaign to attract new members and get more people into aviation. This program will be available to all schools. Furthermore, schools in Victoria, who have been more affected than most, will have additional support opportunities as part of this national program. The program is designed to attract new students to flight training schools and will assist students meeting the costs of entry into aviation.


To boost the event sector of our community, RAAus has established an event support fund of $60,000. As COVID-19 restrictions ease and events are starting to be planned, RAAus would like to offer event organisers financial support to encourage RAAus members to attend events. Grants of up to $5,000 will be available until 30 June 2021. Detailed guidelines and the application process are available on the RAAus website.


RAAus has responded to calls from many members to increase the level of our coverage. To this end we are pleased to advise all members that policy coverage has increased from $10,000,000 to $20,000,000. Passenger liability cover remains the same at $250,000. RAAus recognises the difficult year everyone has had and that is why we have continued to work to keep member’s costs down. Not with standing the insurance costs, RAAus will not be increasing fees in the current financial year.


RAAus is pleased to announce the outcome of their 2020-2021 Scholarship round. A total of 61 Scholarships were awarded. RAAus would like to thank Airservices and OzRunways for their ongoing support of our scholarship program. RAAus received a record 143 applications with funding allowing 61 scholarships to be awarded. Winners have until 30 June 2022 to use their funds given the delays due to COVID-19. RAAus would like to thank everyone for applying and offer our congratulations to all scholarship winners. We look forward to following your flying journey.


At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, RAAus advised via E-News that aircraft registration cards would no longer be issued. During 2010, RAAus issued a bulletin to make the fitment of a registration card to the aircraft mandatory. This bulletin is no longer enforced. RAAus provides four reminders via email and text message regarding the expiration of aircraft registration. A registration certificate is supplied through email to the aircraft nominated registrant. Members can log into the portal and enter an aircraft registration number to retrieve information on the registration currency. Another alternative to the issue of a registration card is the use of the Hours and Maintenance (HAM) Record. The HAM is available to aircraft owners in the member portal.


OzRunways turns 10 this December and while it may be their birthday, they’ll be the ones giving out the presents! The ever-popular Electronic Flight Bag app is launching their “Decade of Flight” competition this month, with great prizes up for grabs like a “take a mate” MHR voucher, a SkyEcho ADSB-in & -out device and 10 x OzRunways Premium 12-month subscriptions. To enter, head to the OzRunways website and follow the prompts to answer the question:

My favourite OzRunways tip/trick to share with friends is…

“We wouldn’t be here without your support,” the company said in a statement regarding the competition, “We are proud to have been with you when planning, on perfect flights and in emergencies, and debriefs safely back on the ground. Thank you for trusting us as your co-pilot for over a decade.” The company’s 10th birthday coincides with the release of version 10 of the app, a functional and visual update to make flying even easier for its users.