Microair & ADSB

Microair Avionics is the epitome of Australian ingenuity and one of the very few Australian-based manufacturers of aviation instruments, their establishment and growth is almost a sister story to Jabiru. The company has built their stellar reputation on functionality and value for money, epitomised in their distinctive panel mounted radios and transponders. While perhaps best known for their fantastic radios, Microair’s new range of ADSB transponders are quickly making a name for themselves.

Now entering into the world of ADSB transponders, Microair are sticking true to their principles. Their latest model, the T2000ADSB-IO is a fine example of Microair’s exceptional design and craftsmanship.

Building off other models in the T2000 series, the IO’s greatest strengths lie in its simplicity. It seamlessly integrates GPS position and altitude without any additional configuration or purchases, and it’s incredibly easy to install too. The unit fits in a standard 57mm (2.25 inch) panel hole, with a 160mm housing depth. All you have to do is plug this compact unit in and you’re ready to broadcast your position through ADSB Out.

For the Sherlock Holmes-types out there, you might’ve noticed that “I” in the model’s name. That’s right, the new T2000ADSB-IO handles both In and Out data. The unit is capable of receiving ADSB data from all aircraft within a 50nm radius, and is compatible with all GDL90 apps for iOS and Android. This means you can hook it up to your OzRunways or AvPlan and receive real-time flight data, drastically improving your situational awareness in the sky.

Of course, there’s the hip pocket to consider too. Thankfully, the T2000ADSB-IO is among the lowest cost panel-mount ADSB In and Out solutions on the market, and that’s before you factor in the current government rebate. From now until the 31st May, the Australian Government is offering a 50% rebate (up to $5,000) for the purchase and installation of ADSB equipment, in an effort to improve safety in Australian skies. With the rebate, you can get a T2000ADSB-IO for just $3,097.50. That’s a pretty attractive idea. For those who have a previous model, you also have the option to return it and have it upgraded to the new model, and still be eligible for the rebate.

50% off on an integrated ADSB In and Out solution. It’s surprising how much they can fit in such a small package.