Starfox Aircraft have been supplying recreational aircraft to the South American market for over 30 years. It’s only recently though that the Brazilian manufacturers have decided to share their creations with the rest of the world.

Having produced over 23,000 aircraft in 30 years, Starfox Aircraft has become one of the most wellknown manufacturers of ultralight aircraft on the South American continent. Specialising in a variety of tandem and side by side aircraft, the range is based on a single airframe design, with changes to the cabin signifying the various models.

With an ownership and name change last year, Starfox became Flyfox Aircraft. The factory was also moved to a new home, with a reignited enthusiasm to improve the aircraft range.

The first of the new range is the Fox V5 Super Tundra. Adding a new flexible undercarriage and roughterrain tundra tyres, the V5 Tundra is an exciting new ultralight aircraft. Sporting the ever-reliable Rotax 582 engine, it is tailor-made for the adventurous aviator or the farmer who just wants to check the cattle.

Flyfox are also reportedly working on homologating the Aeromomentum AM10 engine for the V5 Tundra. The AM10 is around the same weight as the Rotax 582, but is a 3-cylinder, EFI, 4 stoke engine that consumes nearly half the fuel.

The V5 Tundra will also appeal to the flyer who has a short grass or dirt strip. With its short take-off and landing capabilities, you will be able to land in places you could never land before. It has the strength and safety of modern ultralights, with docile controls and a low stall speed. The “out-there” setup gives you an unobstructed view of your journey, while the removable doors make life more comfortable for the hotter climates. The V5 Tundra is a perfect option for pilots looking for the “open cockpit feel”.

The Flyfox aircraft range is represented in Australia by Bert Moonen at Ultralights Australia. For more info go to