Corey Loader loves to keep busy and hone his skills. When I called him for this interview, he had been busy doing woodwork at home. Corey’s biggest passion though is aviation. “I just like the feeling of being up there in the sky. I like being away from all the world’s problems. I just really enjoy it,” Corey explained.

Corey’s involvement with aviation began years ago as part of his efforts in Cub Scouts. As part of his Scouting, Corey set out to earn his Air Activities Target Badge. Members of Golden Plains Aviation were more than happy to help and took Corey for a flight. This allowed him to earn his badge and immediately sparked his interest in aviation. He also worked hard in order to obtain his Queen Scout; the highest award attainable in Scouts. As part of his aviation journey, Corey joined the Australian Air League in Ballarat as a Cadet and is now an Officer.

Corey has had some great adventures in aviation, including a two-day flight to Tasmania with his friend and fellow Scout Bob Bramley, who was at the time attempting to break the record of the youngest person to fly around Australia. Corey was also lucky enough to enjoy an aerobatic flight with Matt Hall.

Corey was initially unsure about applying for the scholarship as he didn’t want to take the opportunity away from someone who could become a fully qualified pilot. Corey is autistic and at this stage is unable to fly solo, but he isn’t letting that get in the way of his ambitions. His goal is to work in aviation in any form and to be able to enjoy it with other people. Corey is extremely deserving of the scholarship as he loves flying and is determined to enjoy it in any way possible, which is what recreational aviation is all about.

Corey’s mother, Coral, has been backing Corey every step of the way through his journey. “Thank you to RAAus, they supported Corey all the way through when he wrote to them and asked if he could apply for the scholarship. Also, a massive thank you to Airservices Australia for supporting people of diversity. The people in the aviation community are extremely supportive,” said Coral.

Corey is excited about his scholarship win and plans to return to Golden Plains Aviation to learn more cross country flying. His advice for other people wanting to fly is spot on: “Never say never. Don’t let the people who tell you not to do something get you down.”

Congratulations to Corey on a well-deserved scholarship win! We are looking forward to seeing what comes next in your aviation journey.